Procare Cleaning stick

A special cleaning gadgets mobile phone touch screen is called Procare Cleaning stick. Tool produced by this Firebox can clean your gadgets with very carefully. The company claims Procare is a product of the first wet cleaning system designed specifically for touch screen devices.

This distinguishes them with a dry cleaning system, because the wet cleaning system will not scratch the surface of the touch screen gadget you. 

At the end of the Procare Stick there spons contain special cleaning fluids, as well as equipped with the end of the anti-bacterial cleanser that can improve the hygienic standard users. 

There are also special features bolts to remove the SIM card smartphone. Also quite easy to use, you only need to remove the tip of the cap and clean the surface spons touch screen. Once clean, you can be cleared with the micro-fiber carry-pouch. 

Now, not only smartphone you look clean and lustrous, but certainly more hygienic.

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