Palm Eos

Just some time ago, Palm released Palm Pre smartphone, Palm is already preparing the two devices working in the WebOS system, operating system akan launching the premier for Pre types. According to the Engadget blog, Palm was ready with a Palm smartphone, called Eos, which according to the plan will be exhibited by AT & T in this year. 

However, the Palm itself close detail about the meeting from Palm Eos, but according to ChannelWeb Eos mentioned that the smartphone will have the form of a candy bar, as a substitute for Pre. In addition, from the same source to obtain data that Eos has akan 10.6mm thick with a display size of 2.63 inch. Eos Palm smartphone devices will also offer HSDPA and GSM network with 4GB of storage and 2 megapixel camera, as informed by Engadget, along with photos of Palm Eos. 

Pre Unlike Palm, Palm does not have the Eos features a slide-out keyboard. Palm Eos estimated price range of $ 350 before porongan prices, to $ 99 after rebate. WebOS in the Eos system also has the internal name, ie, Pixie, also known blogger in the world as a mini-Pre. Meanwhile, according to ChannelWeb, smartphone Palm Pre akan released in June this year.

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