Gadget for children? Be Careful

Children using mobile phones, even a laptop, has become a commonplace sight at this time. In fact, five children (under five years) is not already a little play or HP laptop. In fact, when children should be introduced with the start and HP laptop? 

According to dr Ahmad Suryawan SpA, there are differences in level of maturity in the organs of adults and children. In the adult, the organ or body part is mature and work well.Children, on the other hand, is still in the stage of growth and development. Mainly related to the brain. Therefore, treatment is required apart. Thus, the flower children grow undisturbed. "Parents should be selective in choosing which type of gadgets in accordance with the age of the child," he said.

Specialist child RSU dr Soetomo cite that children aged 2.5 years. To children age, parents are encouraged not introduce the function or how to operate the kind of gadget or mobile laptop. We recommend children be introduced only on sound, color, or in electronic form.

For, according to a doctor who called Wawan, elektromagnetik the waves radiated from electronic goods is not good for children. "Children at risk to crash the process of development of the brain, especially in the electricity process," said Wawan.
Wawan explains, antarsel connected to the electrical brain. If exposed to waves elektromagnetik, antarsel circuit can be disrupted. That is the same as when the plane. During aircraft landing, aircraft, and landing, all passengers are off the electronics. The emission of waves elektromagnetik gadget can disrupt the navigation.

"Interuption type was not specific. But, surely interrupt, especially when exposed to each day in a long period of time, "explained. In fact, despite not holding the gadget, children still affected when in the vicinity of electronic waves that radiate electromagnetic.

However, add Wawan, not mean that such gadgets have no benefit for children. Alumnus Unair FK is said, the impact will be positive if the goods are used according to the age of the child. Or, for the stimulation of children. For example, to stimulate visual and hearing.

"So, is not prohibited. Parents must be able to place useful gadgets that make the child, not for prestige or trends, "augment him.

If you want to secure, Wawan suggested that parents let the child hold the new gadgets such as these at the age 6 years. "In the age, the development of brain anatomy have been around 95 percent of adult brain," he said.

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