Unique Speaker

     Antique Gadget with the withdrawal design is a tiny portable speakers that can go through to a special player. To set the volume level, Amethyst A-1 Digital Audio coax using the method, not a panel, or press play most of the withdrawal speaker. 

     To get the maximum audio, this gadget is equipped with two speakers and a subwoofer. Be calculated with the design of tiny, Amethyst A-1 Digital Audio can be easily carried to go everywhere. Color selection is tolerable varies. There are white, golden, yellow, and pink. 

   Speaker with 3-channel amply also use LEA technology (Lossless Energy Amplification Technology) to the system power supply efficiency. Design of this gadget is also made with optimally avoid the occurrence of distortion and resonans. So, this device suitable for the home PC, mobile phone, MP4, PSP, or other electronic equipment.

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