Simbadda Wireless Core CST 9800N

     Simbadda is branded local enough known as a PC speaker. One of the main product, is now implementing a wireless system that is Simbadda Wireless Core CST 9800N. This device consists of a device 'Host' and the satellite device. The 'Host' is the main terminal is capable of sending signals to the satellite speakers. 

     Host device does not serve only one satellite, but is able to serve up to 8 satellite speakers. To run the menu, is provided 'remote control' has a function 'control knob' and 'coding switch control'. Additional features added that not only the FM radio, but also a USB slot and supports SD and MMC Card. 

     For the sound quality does not need to doubt, because the satellite speakers are equipped with a subwoofer output RMS 80 watts and the tweeter. When compared with a wireless speaker system brands outside, this device is quite inexpensive. So, if you want to get good quality with the price of 'italics', the device is indeed feasible to try.

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