New Surfing sensation on the Internet with Safari 4

February 24, 2009. Apple announced the launch of Safari 4 public beta version for Mac users operating system and Windows. This time, Safari has the slogan "Browsing made beautiful. And smart. " Safari 4 feature offers 150 new features including some of the innovative and makes the experience of surfing the internet to become more intuitive and fun.

Some feature the excellent Safari 4:

* Top Sites that enable users to enjoy a preview of the website that flashy incredible eye view without having to type or move the mouse. Preview 24 images displayed in thumbnails in one page. Website has the latest update since the article last time you visit you will have the stars in the top-right corner of the image thumbnail.

* Cover Flow that offers spectacular views such as that used in the album arts in iTunes. Websites you have visited, including a list of websites that dibookmark will be displayed in full when the last time you mengunjunginya.
* Full Search History search that allows website that you visit. Simply by typing a word or phrase to the field in the Search History Top Sites, a list of all possible search results will be displayed. You can even search for all things on the website that you visit, whether text or images. The search results displayed with Cover Flow.
* Nitro Engine 4 made the Safari browser as one of the fastest in the world, the Firefox and Internet Explorer 7. From one of the test results using the SunSpider and iBench, Safari 4 execute JavaScript 30 times faster than Internet Explorer 7, 3 times faster than Firefox 3.
* Native Windows Look and Feel so users of Windows Vista operating system or Windows XP will still feel comfortable and do not use Safari as a foreign look similar to windows.

With the presence of Safari 4 which has a myriad of features, users will be free to choose the most powerful browser and in accordance with their needs. Safari 4 public beta version you can download directly on the Apple website.

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