Google Toolbar 6 Beta hadir untuk Internet Explorer

February 24, 2009 - Google Inc. After more than 1 year developed, the Google Toolbar Beta 6 for the Internet Explorer browser is launched. The latest version offers several new features that make search and navigation to be more quick, easy, and efficient compared with the previous version.

Some feature the excellent Google Toolbar Beta 6:

* Quick Search Box that allows users to search from outside the browser simply by doing click on the Google logo in the taskbar (or typing Ctrl + Space). With the more often users search, Quick Search Box will automatically customize to match the search pattern. So, you only need to type a few characters when you want to do a search.
* Search results from Google is displayed on the toolbar with search suggestions that the more relevant. When pengetikan, this toolbar will automatically direct the search suggestions, and bookmark the website to a keyword search. In fact, this feature allows users to open the application directly from the search box.
* Navigation is easier for users to access favorite websites. Favorite website editing can be done easily. All results are stored in the local user's browser so that your favorite website data will not be known by Google.

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