Solaris: Solar Cell for Community

     Along with the growing awareness of global climate change, solar electricity gains a growing popularity. Many people consider solar cell is the source of electricity with less carbon foot print. Sun shine as the main source for solar cell is widely available in sustainability. Started with home power generator, solar cell applications become widely used for many devices.

     One of the contestants of Green Gadget Design competition created a solar cell powered gadget for community used. This gadget is called Solaris. Solaris is a solar powered table. It has photovoltaic solar cell in the surface of the table and makes this table able to collect energy from the sun and store in the batteries inside Solaris. The electricity gained by Solaris could be use to power or charge laptop, Music player, hand phone and other electronic devices trough it multiple ports.

     Solaris is designed to be placed on open space like garden or city walk. Solaris made from recyclable aluminum frame and biodegradable wooden table top. It has 144 solar cells that could generate power for 4 batteries per day or 3 hours laptops use. Solaris is ideal for public space. It could be an alternative place to hang out and even to work. Multiple Solaris table could be linked together in to a hard wire system or power generation for the main grid. 

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