Living Building: New Vision of Living

     Since the global climate change is widely known, there is an increasing awareness of sustainable environment. There is euphoria of green technology. People are looking for many green technology applications to be more responsible environment.

     It is widely understood that beside the industry and vehicle’s emission, building operation is the biggest producer of carbon gas emission. The carbon footprints come from electricity, waste management and water consumption. Architects all over the world are eager to create a combination of architectural technology with environment sustainability in so called living building concept. Living building is a concept of buildings that operate efficient and take part in environment sustainability. It is expected to generate its power supply from renewable resources, manage its own waste and operates efficiently.

     This concept is offered to all architects, engineers and contractors all over the world to make this concept in to reality. In brief, there are two major areas of living building application. The first one is created a management system to existing building for more efficient operation. Other is creating brand new building design with efficient management system and state of the art technology. Some researcher and academic institution has published heir prototype living buildings. It ranges from family home to large office building. All come with many great innovations to make sure that this building will operate efficiently and more environments friendly. 

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