Vertu VX Royal 770B

The mobile phone is quite new VX-series Crown of the family or family of products, such as the VX is the best version in 2008. VX Royal 770B Series offers detail with the decorations are of high quality gemstone and gold, the skin of the highest quality. Handphone VX Royal 770B is not only elehan, but also interesting in terms of design, with a combination of skills and aesthetic. For the price of Vertu VX Royal 770B is about $ 1200

Main-Vertu VX Royal 770B specification:

* Frequency: EU Dual Band GSM 900/1800 and U.S. dual band GSM 850/1900
* Display: 1.9 "262K TFT LCD
* Languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Thai
* Ringtones: Polyphonic 64 voices, composer
* Music: MP3 Player
* Video: MPEG-4 Player
* File formats: MP3, MPEG-4
* Memory: Internal Memory: 128 MB + 32 MB free RAM
* Supports: T-flash card up to 1GB
* Data Transfer: Bluetooth, USB port, making data from 10-pin Mini-USB for the headset and I / O port
* Internet: WAP, GPRS (Class 10)
* Directory: Telephone Memory: 200 points w / Voice-Tags
* Messaging: SMS / MMS, Multi-Send a message
* Battery: 800 mAh Li-ion
* Games: Built-in Games
* Dimensions: 108x46x15.5mm
* Weight: 107 grams
* Color: black and gold
* Other: 24 carat gold / gold plated and Swarovski crystals
* Features: Photo & Ringtone Download, Voice Recorder, Games, mobile, calendar, calendar, world clock, calculator, currency converter Health Management, Key-Lock, PC-Sync Tool, 1 USB cable, 1 USB adapter, 1 Headset
* Batteries: 2 lithium-ion battery (800 mAh)

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