The physiotherapist

Suggested by physiotherapists, this wrap is made of a tough, compromising high-glycerine gel that retains both heat and cold, changing it at once to junctions or muscles to bring home the bacon superior therapeutic treatment for injuries or chronic pain direction. Acquired by Dr. Edward Stout, an expert in polymer chemistry with a while interest in pain direction, the comfortably conforming body wrap is covered with a four-way stretch material, and can be microwaved for heat therapy or chilled in the freezer for cold application program*. Used extensively in sports rehabilitation and in treatment of iterative injuries, it is the easiest and better form of muscle-pain-relief wraps up we have seen. The latex-free wraps are leakproof, even if punctured, and command no more grooming than a quick microwave or a brief time in the freezer (they will not freezing solid). The safe, non-toxic gel won't dry out or harden, and remains flexible even at -20° F. Wraps stay hot or cold for up to 40 minutes, move easily with you and can be assumed underclothes after physiotherapy or straining physical exercise. Large/Extra-Large Shoulder Wrap. Fits equal to a 13" bicep.

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